Sunday, May 5, 2013

Let's Play Categories!

The definition of categorize according to


verb (used with object), cat·e·go·rized, cat·e·go·riz·ing.
to arrange in categories or classes; classify.
to describe by labeling or giving a name to; characterize.
Note the second definition. Labels. Aren't they fun? Now you can walk around school as not only a student, but a nerd and a geek too! Or maybe you can be a road tart because of the clothes you wear, or a sporty person because you exercise. It's as if you lean too much into one activity or clothing or WHATEVER, you are automatically that thing. Personally, I think that it is okay to think of yourself as artsy or smart or anything else. But to have other people talk about you just as that is not okay. 
Something could happen much like this:
Person 1: Let's get (insert name) for our English partner. She's good at writing.
Person 2:Yeah. Hey did you see what (insert another name) was wearing?
Person 1:*laughs* Yeah. Cover up your butt.
Person 2: Did you see how many times she went to the bathroom? Something must be going on in there.
 (Note: Yes, something is going on in there: she's trying to pee!)

We would never want to be seen as just one thing, yet we view other people that way. Maybe the artsy girl loves science, or the "math freak" is great at writing poems. It's reasonable to think to yourself, hmm...that top is a bit low cut or wow, he knows Calculus already?, but if you wouldn't want people saying things about you like that, then don't talk about them. That kindergarten rule about treating others as you want to be treated comes into play here. What categories are you in? Do you want to be there?


  1. Cool beans! I'm glad you got this stuff down, SS. Hold on to this wisdom as you go on through the next few years and make sure you are practicing what you preach. Don't be the girl who gave the most amazing "don't judge" 8th grade graduation speech I'd ever heard - and got a standing ovation from all the 'rents in the room - but who was kind of everything she said she wasn't for ; )