Friday, January 2, 2015

Concerning Celebration and Being Happy

First of all, Happy New Year to everybody! *insert fireworks here*. (please enjoy those---I know I did.) 

I have something to tell ya'll about. I was going down my Instagram feed on New Year's day at about 2 am in the morning and I came across someone who had written a long rant about how New Year's was a useless holiday that everybody on Instagram made a useless celebration out of. They then went on to talk about how all holidays were "just days" and therefore shouldn't be a big thing. 
When I read this, I blinked. A lot. Maybe my phone screen wasn't the best thing to be staring at at 2 in the morning, but my response was mostly due to the fact that this person was full of complete and utter crap. 
Not important? NOT IMPORTANT? Without holidays, what is life? It sounds extreme, but I didn't understand this person's "just don't care" attitude. (Also, of all, from the look of the rest of their page, they actually did care a lot about making sure people knew that they didn't care, but that's another point. ) Life is already going to try to make you sad and bad and mad and overall, disappointed. Why would you want to succumb to that and not celebrate anything? Celebration is the key to being happy. It helps you take joy in life and realize, in the wise words of Forrest Gump, sh*t happens. You're the only one who decides to either get up or sit down, roll around, and wallow in it. (Sorry for the imagery there, but you get my point.) The descision to celebrate or not is the difference between those who get out of their sh*t, and the sh*t-sitters. (I am taking this way too far and it's making me laugh way more than it should.) Those who get up see that life actually is something worth recognizing. Every celebration or holiday comes down to the basic act of rejoicing in life. A new life, a life gone, a life lived well. And anyway, even if you don't like celebrating, you usually get free cake. 

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